Message from the Representative 代表メッセージ


Before establishing Sekkado, the idea of “providing safe and good quality products to society” was a top priority, and “providing products or services that can satisfy our customers better than other companies” was a must.

Currently the heart of our business is the development of health foods using safe, high quality ingredients; made only in reliable domestic factories, in which various, thorough inspections are conducted regularly. We work with the attitude of doing everything possible, and with a sense of perfection, in order to help our customers to stay young, beautiful, and healthy.

Many other companies in the same industry accelerate sales by spending huge budgets on advertising. As a result, the cost of advertising is transferred to the products, which means that consumers will have to pay higher prices for quality. Sekkado’s motto is that the company should spend as little as possible on advertising and offers customers quality products at affordable prices. “If it is from Sekkado, then it’s fine,” or “if it’s Sekkado doing it, it won’t be done wrong,” this is the kind of relationship we want to build between our customers and us.

When it comes to our agricultural business, we mainly support agriculture in Japan, which is affected by an aging and shrinking population. We see it as a social mission that Sekkado must get involved in. Furthermore, we often encounter good materials through such projects and build a win-win relationship with all concerned.

It is said that life is until about 100 years old, but Sekkado wishes to be a driving force for customers to always stay healthy and beautiful and to enrich their lives.