As a socially responsible company, we strive to provide products that are safe and of high quality.


With a focus in Japan, Sekkado aims to support farmers of both crops and livestock by providing agricultural and livestock products rich in nutrients.
Through our process, we have discovered materials of high value, which we use to develop foods, health foods, and cosmetics that are beneficial to your health and beauty.
We ensure our customers that all of the products we sell are made from the finest materials, produced in reliable domestic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificated factories, and thoroughly inspected.



  • Food, Health Food Business

    With the use of only high-value materials, we develop and produce foods and health foods free from unnecessary substances, such as additives, as much as possible.

  • Agricultural Business

    We aim to produce safe and nourishing agricultural and livestock products to support farmers.

  • Cosmetics Business

    Additionally, with foods and health foods, we develop and produce cosmetics made with high value materials.

  • Consulting Business

    We provide consulting, if necessary, regarding agricultural and other business operations— including OEM such as health foods, and cosmetics.